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Rigid Panels

The back of the panel is covered with adhesive cement Lightweight, rigid with 12/14mm thickness

Pre-positioned rigid panels are manufactured with precision at the factory, according to your mockups and designs. Pre-positioning facilitates installation of small Zellige or complex designs. Rigid panels are lightweight, easy to cut and with a thickness of 12/14 mm. They fit together like the pieces of a puzzle and can measure up to 50x50cm. From £50/m². Please consult our customer service department.

Flexible Panels

Flexible panels are light and very versatile Flexible panels are placed with adhesive cement

Flexible pre-positioned panels enable a faster installation of small Zellige pieces. The tiles are placed on a plastic film according to your mockups and designs. The placement of the tiles on the panels, the narrow spacing between tiles and the surface flatness will be less regular than with a careful piece by piece installation or when using rigid panels. up to 40x40 cm, and from £25/m².