Laying instructions for Zellige purchased in loose tiles. We also offer pre-positioned panles from factory, flexible or rigid, which facilitate the intallation of Zellige.

Zellige Tile Installation

- Open several boxes and randomly mix different Zellige tiles with multiple tones and textures to create a set that reflects all the Zellige colour shades.
- The surface should be well prepared and levelled before placing the Zellige.
- Evenly apply flexible adhesive for ceramics on the surface and the back of the tile. Alternatively fix the Zellige with silicone.
- Position the tiles by hand, leaving no joint (edge to edge) without using tile spacers, looking for the harmony of the whole.
- Once the adhesive is dry and the Zellige tiles are well fixed, spread very liquid grout cement over the surface, with a rubber spatula, making sure that the spaces between the tiles are completely filled.
- After a brief drying, carefully wipe off the excess grout cement with a damp sponge or cloth. The cement residues that remain on the enamel or surface irregularities should be cleaned manually or with a slight acid product.
- Manually rectify any possible defects on areas that have been left without grout.
- Zellige tiles can be easily cut or bevelled by using a cutting machine with diamond disk. Tile cutters can also be used but the results are less precise.

Zellige maintenance

Glazed Zellige tiles are of easy maintenance, cleaned like any other glazed clay tile.
Please note that our Metallic Zellige is not protected by vitrified enamel and therefore require special installation and maintenance. Contact our customer service team for more information.

Zellige, outdoor installation

Zellige is an enamelled ceramic and therefore it is not affected by sun or UV exposure. The baked natural clay base (called Bejmat) is slightly porous, like other enamelled tiles. Its durability in time and thermal shocks (expansion and retraction of the support) is related to the quality of the support/subsurface and installation. Resistance to frost will depend on the impermeability of the grout and stability of the bonding between tiles and subsurface, to prevent water from infiltrating.

Zellige in direct contact with water

Zellige is widely used in swimming pools, shower and bathroom floors and walls, water features or worktops. Water or harsh detergents do not affect Zellige.
Waterproofing: the enamelled surface of Zellige is impervious, but the gap between tiles is not, even with excellent grout cement. This is the case for all tiles and ceramics, moisture can filter through joints and irregularities. Therefore, it is the waterproofness of the wall support or concrete slab, which guarantees the impermeability, and water tightness of the whole.